Life is too short not to jump!

"Momma told me to do something I love and I am blessed to be able to do just that.  The most rewarding thing I've ever experienced is when I see people forgetting about life's troubles, three minutes at a time... the best pay in the world is to be a part of that!

No matter your background… Race, religion, gender, no matter if you like men or women, if you like chicken over steak, or if you prefer a romantic drama over a good comedy or action flick…God Help you :-), music will always connect us. 

I Reckon I only get 30,000 days here…at best…and I intend to spend it loving it, not regretting it. I am so very honored and grateful to be in a business that is such a vital connecting link to life." 

“Life is too short to not Jump”     - Dallas Hendrix -

Born in Muscatine Iowa, Dallas may have spent his younger days running through corn fields, but every night was "Show Night". As a kid, Dallas would sing for any family member willing to listen.  

Moving to Omaha in his early teens Dallas developed an interest in the piano and later discovered the guitar.  

Coming of age in Omaha, Dallas considers this mid-west city his hometown and the citizens’ of Omaha are proud to call him their hometown boy. Omaha fans have been entertained by Dallas for years, from the days of karaoke and acoustic shows to night clubs and the larger venues.  

Performing and travelling around the Midwest Dallas ventured south to Louisiana and settled near Baton Rouge for a couple years.  Singing and playing In Baton Rouge and New Orleans with some of the greatest performers in the business, Dallas adopted what he learned to his own style of Country Music.  Taking this sound to the Home of Country Music, Nashville Tennessee, where he currently resides when not on the road.  Writing, singing and playing that guitar, Dallas Hendrix Country is a genre all its own.

Dallas' songs reflect his upbringing and experience's in life.   Placing an emphasis on what’s truly important, God, Family, Country and an appreciation for the simple joys in life.